Authlogics Multi-Factor Authentication

Authlogics MFA is a complete and easy to deploy Multi-Factor Authentication, Identity Management, Single Sign-On and password replacement solution for on-premises and Cloud applications. Manage user identities, assign applications to users and choose from multiple authentication technologies a user can use to prove who they are; all without a password.

Fewer passwords: Most MFA solutions only provide a 2nd factor of authentication and rely on a legacy password as the 1st factor. Many organizations are struggling with password-based security however simply adding a 2nd-factor bandage isn’t good enough. Authlogics can secure existing passwords as well as provide MFA that does not require a PIN or password at all.

More use cases: Our unique Deviceless OTP technology sets us apart as we provide One Time Code security without the overhead of MFA and device management. This can be stepped up to full MFA per-user or per-application as needed with consistent user experience.

More choices: Authlogics MFA provides many authentication factors and technologies to choose from which include combinations of “something you know “, “something you have“, “something you are” and “something you are doing“.