Fortinet SDWAN

Fortinet FortiGate delivers fast, scalable, and flexible Secure SD-WAN for cloud-first, security-sensitive, and global enterprises. Our Security-Driven Networking approach consolidates SD-WAN, next-generation firewall (NGFW), and advanced routing to:

Deliver superior quality of experience at any scale
Accelerate network and security convergence, and simplify WAN architecture
Orchestrate consistent network and security policies
Achieve operational efficiencies through automation, deep analytics, and self-healing

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SD-WAN modernization is not just about replacing end-of-life hardware or software— it is a business solution. Organizations are adopting DX because the way business users consume technology has changed. Cloud adoption, device consolidation, and connectivity cost savings are significant drivers for infrastructure evolution. Delivering an improved user experience and increased productivity often motivate technology leaders to initiate WAN transformation projects. Using control and data planes, SD-WAN solutions take advantage of branches with multiple points of connectivity to the internet or corporate WAN. It then decides which of these paths is most appropriate for a specific application. Data is transmitted over the optimal path to ensure performance and maximize availability. SD-WAN protects application availability and performance across the corporate WAN or across the internet to multi-cloud environments by leveraging WAN path failover, link aggregation, link remediation, and active path performance metrics. Essentially, SD-WAN determines which path best meets performance expectations for a particular application and assigns packets or sessions to that WAN path.

Networking Improvements