Blackberry Endpoint Security

BlackBerry Protect AI Driven Endpoint Protection

Blackberry offers “BlackBerry Protect” AI driven product for Endpoint Protection solution which is Future-Proof Endpoint Security.

BlackBerry has redefined what an endpoint protection solution can and should do for organizations by utilizing an automated, prevention-first approach. It is an accurate, efficient, and effective solution for preventing advanced persistent threats and malware from executing on an organization’s endpoints. BlackBerry® Protect prevents breaches and provides additional security controls to safeguard against script-based, fileless, memory, and external device-based attacks. BlackBerry Protect does this without user or admin intervention, a cloud connection, signatures, heuristics, or sandboxes.

BlackBerry Protect Features:

BlackBerry Protect for Desktop

The algorithmic model utilized within BlackBerry Protect means there are no signatures, patching, system scans, or slow endpoints due to the security solution running on them. Customers who have made the switch from reactive legacy, signature-based antivirus products have seen up to a 99% ROI, a 97% reduction in the re-imaging of machines, extended hardware, and battery performance, and a 90% reduction in staff hours required to manage the solution.

The BlackBerry Protect architecture consists of a lightweight single agent that is managed via BlackBerry’s own SaaS-based cloud console. The cloud console easily integrates with existing software management systems and security tools. Hybrid and on-premises management options are available for air-gapped environments. The endpoint agent will detect and prevent malware on the host, independent of a cloud connection and without the need for continuous updates. BlackBerry Protect is capable of detecting and quarantining malware in open, isolated, and virtual networks. BlackBerry’s machine-learning-based approach stops the execution of harmful code regardless of having prior knowledge or employing an unknown obfuscation technique. No other anti-malware product compares to the accuracy, ease of management, and effectiveness of BlackBerry Protect

BlackBerry Protect for Mobile

It is no surprise, therefore, that the mobile threat defense (MTD) market is growing rapidly. MTD offers an extra layer of security by preventing, detecting, remediating, and improving overall security hygiene for all different levels within an organization’s mobile fleet and applications. Our BlackBerry Protect MTD solution augments the security baseline provided by BlackBerry® UEM by addressing advanced malicious threats on mobile devices. BlackBerry Protect monitors attacks at the device and application levels and goes beyond the security of BlackBerry’s basic application containers.